Extra Safety


Dear Welcomeasy families and customers,

During this very challenging time, Welcomeasy understand families need access to fast, convenient, clean, fresh food over the coming period. We have your back, and it is our absolute intention to keep our services open so long as it remains safe to do so.

Welcomeasy always maintains the highest possible standards of hygiene, and during this crisis we have implemented more stringent measures to ensure that our team, customers and food are as safe as possible especially during delivery. All deliveries will now be contact-less, which means social distancing applies:

  • All delivery team members will be wearing Masks and Gloves during deliveries, especially to schools
  • All home delivery customers will be contacted via phone or SMS approximately 30 minutes before delivery
    • Upon arriving, delivery team members will place your order(s) in front of your door, take a picture of the delivery and SMS for you to collect.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: For High rise apartments or tricky locations, please ensure that you leave a detailed instruction for delivery eg. Leave at reception etc.

To maintain efficiency on our deliveries and food safety, please ensure that food deliveries are collected as quickly as possible.

We have always been proud of our 5-star food safety practises and programs. We now have increased cleaning and sanitation of our kitchen and delivery methods:

  • Our kitchen team are regularly washing hands as per the recommended WHO & Australian Food Safety standards.
  • All staff are required to complete The Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Training - COVID 19 before rostering
  • Our food prep teams have always worn gloves when preparing food which are regularly changed. They additionally will now wear masks.
  • Wellness checks are completed on all teams regularly and no member who feels unwell is permitted to work.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

With love, from ALL our Welcomeasy Team!