About Welcomeasy (.we.)

.we. aim to inspire a healthier community by connecting people to real food.

.we. are a family owned and operated business that specialises in healthy children’s meals that are convenient and affordable. .we. are passionate about a healthy lifestyle for children and are committed to working together with you to benefit your school communities. .we. love what we do and do it with utmost honesty and integrity while adhering to our four core values: 

.we. are healthy.


We all aspire to provide nutritious, well balanced, tasty food for our children, but finding time and inspiration to shop and prepare food every day is not easy… BUT .we. can help you! All our healthy balanced meals are prepared and cooked fresh daily. Our menu has been co-created with a nutritionist and is compliant with the Australian Government’s recommended guidelines for healthy eating. .we. believe that the right balance and variety of dairy, meat, grains, poultry, vegetables and fruit from a young age is the best gift you can give to growing children to build a healthy eating habit and to try new and different foods. .we. serve our meals in our eco-friendly and sustainable lunch boxes! Healthy food that is also healthy for the environment? Yep, that’s #welcomeasyHealthy 😊

.we. are convenient.

Welcomeasy Convenient

Parents; Fancy more family time? Schools; save precious school time and resources for other priorities that more important to you! .we. understand what families want and the daily struggle that schools go through with lunch order hassles. .we. can help families gain a minimum of 1-hour family time daily by reducing your grocery shopping time, travels, meal preparation, chopping, cutting, cooking and don’t forget the washing up and the lunch box for the next day! .we. do this by providing a 3-day and 5-day meal plan subscription to give your child and schools a flexible and wide variety of meals, snacks, and drinks. .we. also provide a NO FEE online order system that guides you through the picture-based ordering process and allows busy families and schools to pre-order until 10:59 PM for NEXT day delivery to your child’s school OR school canteen. .we. hope that everyone can achieve the #welcomeasyConvenience 😊

.we. are affordable.

Welcomeasy Affordable

HOT meals designed to start from $5.80! How do .we. achieve this? By making it for MANY! .we. dedicate our time to create and prepare an ever-changing menu so that your child can develop their palate, try new foods all the while meeting the recommended nutrient guidelines which can often be an unrealistic and challenging reality. So .we. buy quality ingredients in bulk from local suppliers so kids can love and enjoy our variety of meals every day! Now that’s #welcomeasyAffordability 😊

.we. give back.

Welcomeasy give back

Helping the school community through meals is what .we. are about! From school fetes, P&F fundraising, right through to enabling school educational programs and rewards to inspire the community and children to eat healthily and be active! Contact Welcomeasy or subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to ‘stay fresh’ on these exciting programs and events as #welcomeasyGiveBack to the community! 😊
WAIT! Now that you know a bit more about .welcomeasy. don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our happy parents and students that LOVES our meals and services!