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Green Science - Rover Robot
Green Science - Rover Robot
Green Science - Rover Robot

Green Science - Rover Robot

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This clever Rover Robot rolls along on solar power when the sun is shining.
It can be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.
Kids enjoy building the robot and assembling the solar kit and watching them work together.
Ages 5 years+

Designed for fun, interactive indoor and outdoor play.
Enhances children’s development in hand-eye coordination, creative thinking skills, engineering skills, construction skills, logical thinking and many more.
Suitable for a slightly younger age group than most engineering/construction toys.
The Green Science Rover Robot teaches young engineers to use the principles of physics to build their own gadgets that really work. Kids are amazed with how everyday materials reveal the secrets of science and mechanics.
Builds confidence in kids in their newfound knowledge of STEM principals when they show off their creations. Kids feel a real sense of achievement after building it and seeing it work.
Learn valuable lessons about solar power in a fun, interactive activity.

20.5cm x 27.5cm x 6cm

Ages 5+